1794717_10152308704458363_649678177_nHey everyone, I’m Mike, a 28 year old American expat who has been living in Panama City since February 2014 with my Panamanian-American wife. Even though my wife was from Panama and I had been visiting for years, I was still in for a big culture shock. 

During the time that I have lived here, I have adjusted to the lifestyle and culture. I’ve grown to absolutely love this country and its people. But Panama is not for everyone; I’ve seen ExPats who have moved here flame out quickly because they didn’t have a good idea of what they were getting themselves into. Too often, people have been lured in by international real estate publications that sell and idealized version of Panama that ignores the reality of living in Panama. 

Whether you are only beginning to consider a move to Panama, or you have been living here for years, I hope my blog will provide some new insight and perspective to what life living in Panama as an expat is truly like. Since starting this blog in August, I’ve written over 30 articles about living, working, and traveling in Panama. As I continue to live in Panama and experience new things, I’ll keep writing about my experiences here.