Announcing Our First Expats Give Back Fundraiser

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Several months ago, I announced an initiative on this site called Expats Give Back, which aims to get expats in Panama more involved in helping the local community. My plan all along was to host periodic small dollar fundraisers (approximately once a quarter), where we could come together and raise money for local charities that are doing good work in the community. Even though the amounts we would raise may be small by international standards, the money could do a lot of good for local charities.

It took a little longer to get this going than I had originally hoped, but our first fundraiser is officially on the calendar. It will be held at GastroBar at the TRYP Hotel at Albrook Mall, on Thursday, March 5th at 7pm. The suggested donation will be $20.

We will be raising money for Hogar Rosa Virginia, a home for young mothers and their children. Most of these girls are just children themselves, and many have been the victims of rape, domestic violence, or incest. Hogar Rosa Virginia gives these girls and their children a safe place to live and a second chance at life.

I have the privilege of serving a pancake breakfast at Hogar Rosa Virginia once a month with my Kiwanis Club (which is where the picture is from). It’s truly a great experience that helps bring a lot of joy to the girls and their kids. However being there has led me to see how much more can be done for these girls. The home truly provides a great service for the girls, but like all charities, could use more funds to help it truly reach its potential.

My goal for the fundraiser is for us to raise at least $2000. 100% of your donation will go directly to Hogar Rosa Virginia, so if we can get 100 people to the fundraiser, we can hit our goal. To do that, I will need help. I will need people to RSVP and to send out invitations to their friends.  If we all work together to promote the event and spread the word, we can easily hit and exceed our goal.

The TRYP Albrook Hotel has been gracious enough to provide us with 2×1 drink specials throughout the night, as well as several door prizes for our raffle. I will be working on securing additional prizes for the raffle, as well as other special details for the fundraiser which will be announced later. The event will also be a great opportunity for expats to meet and network with other expats living in Panama.

Individually, there may be only so much all of us can do. But together, we can do some real good and give back to the country of Panama, which has done so much for so many of us. Join us on Thursday, March 5th, as we raise money for this great cause.

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