Panama Restricts Costa Rica “Border Runs” in Effort to Crack Down on “Perpetual Tourists”

IMPORTANT UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF ARTICLE For many years, Panama has had some of the world’s most open immigration laws. In addition to providing many avenues to achieve permanent residency with low requirements, it has been very easy for foreigners from many countries to live in Panama as “permanent tourists.” Panama allows citizens from many […]


Everything You Need to Know About Uber in Panama

Uber, the rapidly growing, sometimes controversial ridesharing service, has been operating in Panama since March of 2014. In that time, it has grown from a niche luxury car service to a multi-option car service and legitimate competition for the taxis (just don’t expect them to admit that), that is the preferred method of travel for most expats […]


Photo Blog: The Panama Canal at Night

Since the closing of the restaurant at the Miraflores Visitors’ Center a couple of years ago for renovations, viewing the ships pass through the Panama Canal at night was something that could only be done during special events, as the visitors center closes daily at 5pm. However, now with the renovation of a sit down […]

10 Places in Panama You May Need to Use Cash

In much of the world, using cash is quickly becoming obsolete, as not only credit cards, but Paypal, Apple Pay, Bit Coin, and many other forms of payment are being accepted for more and more things. When I lived in the US, I rarely carried much cash with me, as I almost never had the […]


Panama’s Fascinating and Crazy Political Day: Explained

7/2 Update at Bottom On a day that started with Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela facing the real possibility of seeing his legislative agenda in tatters, his ruling alliance broken apart, and facing a legitimate possibility of impeachment, the President battled back and delivered a stunning turnaround as a fractured legislature elected PRD Deputy Rubén […]