Yes, It is Cheaper to Live in Panama than the US

You will hear two very different things, depending on who you talk to, about the cost of living in Panama. Some people will tell you it’s the cheapest place on earth, while others will insist it’s crazy expensive. Neither of those people will be entirely right, but a new study released by Movehub, backs up […]


Parque Metropolitano: Home to the Best Views in Panama City

Panama City is a very interesting city geographically. It’s not a big city in terms of size. At 106 square miles, it’s smaller than my home town of Tampa, Florida. In that relatively small space, it’s got a lot of diversity. There are highly developed areas of massive skyscrapers, and only a few kilometers away, […]


Announcing Our First Expats Give Back Fundraiser

Several months ago, I announced an initiative on this site called Expats Give Back, which aims to get expats in Panama more involved in helping the local community. My plan all along was to host periodic small dollar fundraisers (approximately once a quarter), where we could come together and raise money for local charities that […]

IRS Investigation

US Embassy to Host Free FATCA Overview with IRS Officials

American Citizen Services at the US Embassy in Panama invites American Citizens to attend a free overview of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) that will be hosted┬áby representatives of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The event is on Tuesday, January 27th from 2pm-4pm, and will be held at the TRYP Hotel in Albrook […]


The Top 5 Visas Expats Use to Move to Panama

One of the topics I get asked to write about a lot is the different visas that foreigners┬ácan use to move to Panama. I’ve been hesitant to do this in the past, as I am not a lawyer, and not 100% versed in the law. However I believe it will be a good addition to […]


23 Facts to Know About the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal recently turned 100 years old, but even after all of this time, it still stands out as one of the true engineering marvels of the world. While it frequently tops the “must-see” list among visitors to Panama, the Canal also plays a hugely important role in Panama’s history and the lives of […]

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Skype to Offer Near Real-Time Translation for English/Spanish Video Calls

Microsoft today announced the roll out of Skype Translator Preview, a program that aims to eliminate the language barrier by offering near simultaneous automated translation of video calls in different languages. Currently, the program only translates calls between English and Spanish, with more languages planned in the future. The instant messenger feature currently offers translation […]


Gas Prices in Panama City Drop Below $3 a Gallon

  Gas prices in Panama City continued their steep decline this week as the price of Regular (91 Octane) dropped over 20 cents a gallon to land an average of about $2.81 per gallon. Over the last couple of days, gas prices at about a dozen different stations ranged from 0.734 to 0.748 cents per […]


10 Things I Miss About the US While in Panama

Last month I visited to US for the Thanksgiving Holidays, and realized that while I love Panama, there are plenty of little things I miss about life in the US. It inspired me to have some fun and make this like of 10 things I’ve missed about the US while living in Panama. 1. […]