Gas Prices in Panama City Drop Below $3 a Gallon

  Gas prices in Panama City continued their steep decline this week as the price of Regular (91 Octane) dropped over 20 cents a gallon to land an average of about $2.81 per gallon. Over the last couple of days, gas prices at about a dozen different stations ranged from 0.734 to 0.748 cents per […]


10 Things I Miss About the US While in Panama

Last month I visited to US for the Thanksgiving Holidays, and realized that while I love Panama, there are plenty of little things I miss about life in the US. It inspired me to have some fun and make this like of 10 things I’ve missed about the US while living in Panama. 1. Amazon.com […]


7 Reasons Why Panama is the Place for Me

Panama is not for everyone, and not every expat who moves here does well. The first article I wrote was called Is Panama Right For You?, and it talks about some things expats should consider before moving to Panama. However many expats, like myself end up falling completely in love with the country of Panama. […]

Donde José

Donde José: Panama’s Most Unique Culinary Experience

   If you were asked to describe Panamanian cuisine, what would first come to mind? Chances are if you’ve never been to Panama, or only spent a little bit of time here, you’ll struggle to form an answer to this question. I asked several of my friends and family of the US, and everyone’s answer […]


My First Time Driving in Panama

  For my first 7 months of living in Panama, I did everything I could to avoid driving. Just being a passenger on the roads was scary enough, and I didn’t want to take the responsibility on of being a person who was responsible for making split second decisions of how to navigate the mad-house […]


My Review of President Varela’s First 100 Days

President Juan Carlos Varela, who was inaugurated as Panama’s new President on July 1st, 2014, completed the 100th day of his term on October 8th. The 100 days mark of any leaders term is usually a good time to evaluate the progress they’ve made so far in beginning to implement their agenda. Usually new leaders […]


Panama Ranks Near Bottom in English Language Proficiency Study

Despite having a reputation in some places as a country with strong English speakers, Panama ranked near the bottom in a recent international study of English Language Proficiency. The study, conducted annually by the group Education First, ranks 60 countries where English is not considered an official language. Of these 60 countries, Panama ranked 56, […]

British Ambassador Dr. Ian Collard signs a scholarship agreement with a representative of IFARHU.

British Embassy Celebrates UK-Panama Education Initiatives

  The British Embassy celebrated a successful visit by eight British colleges and universities to Panama by announcing two major initiatives to expand the educational ties between the United Kingdom in Panama. The event, which was hosted at the residence of the British Ambassador to Panama Dr. Ian Frank Collard, hosted almost 100 dignitaries including […]