Before You Move


The Before You Move section covers articles that are important to read before deciding if a move to Panama is right for you. While these articles will provide some helpful information to those currently in Panama, they are really tailored to people who are considering a move to Panama. This section includes articles on working in Panama, the cost of living, and safety. 

1. Is Panama Right for You? – For most expats, moving to Panama is one of the best decisions they ever make. However, this is not the case for everyone, and those who regret their move usually did not have a realistic picture of what living in Panama is like. This article will give you the basics of what you need to consider before deciding if Panama is right for you.

2. The Top 5 Visas Expats Use to Move to Panama – Panama makes it easy for foreigners from many countries to get a visa to live in Panama, but the reason you are moving to Panama will help determine the type of visa you should get. Here are the five most common types of visas that expats use to move to Panama.

3. 7 Reasons Why Panama is the Place for Me – While Panama may not be the best place for everyone, I certainly feel like I have found my home. Here are 7 reasons why Panama is the right place for me.

4. If You Move to Panama, Be Prepared for This to Happen – Occasional power and water outages are a way of life in Panama, and something that expats will have to come to terms with if they want a successful living experience in Panama. 

5. Earning a Living in Panama – Panama offers a number of ways for expats to earn a living at a level equal or close to that they were earning back in their home country. However, moving here without a specific plan for how you will earn an income can be a recipe for disaster. 

6. Cost of Living in Panama – Cost of living in Panama for expats vary widely in Panama, depending on where you live and the type of lifestyle you choose to live. Most expats who move from the United States or Europe can find significant cost savings in Panama if they stay away from common expat money traps. In this article I breakdown the costs my wife and I have, and compare them to our cost of living in the US.

7. Safety in Panama – While not every expat agrees with me, I generally consider Panama a safe place for expats to live. I actually feel safer living here than I did in the United States. However this doesn’t mean that there are no safety risks, and this article highlights some of them, as well as common sense measures you can take to protect your safety in Panama.

8. How Mail Works in Panama – Panama doesn’t have a door to door mail system, but there are several different ways that expats and Panamanians can send and receive mail and packages. 

9. 10 Random Things to Know about Panama – Every once and a while, I think of things that would be useful for potential expats to know about Panama, but that aren’t detailed enough to warrant their own blog post. I put together a list of 10 of these things and combined them into this blog post.

10. 5 Reasons Why Panama Doesn’t Work Out for Some Expats – When I started Panama for Beginners, a big reason why I did so was to counter the unrealistic image of Panama sold by major international travel sites. I’ve always aimed to tell it like it is, and that includes the good and the bad. I spent some time talking to expats for whom Panama was not working out as they had hoped, and put together this list. It also includes some advice if you are dealing with any of these issues.