Despite my mother thinking I’m the most special boy in all the land, I don’t believe I have a monopoly on good advice or that I have the one right perspective on Panama. There are many other good blogs written by ExPats that are worth a read if you want to learn more about Panama. Here are some of my favorites.

Panama for Real – Chris writes a great blog that provides a lot of detail about day to day living in Panama, as well as location reports on different areas in Panama. He’s been around a while and is definitely a must read. 

PTY Life – Joey writes a lifestyle/news blog about ExPat Life in Panama. His blog is a great place to go for news that is relevant to ExPats, as well as advice on how to enjoy Panama.

Panama Dude – Al and his wife Shelly just moved to Panama, and Al writes a comedic take on their experiences at Panama Dude.

Permanently Panama – Alice’s blog is quirky and creative and the place to go to get the 20 something perspective for living in Panama (despite being 20 something myself, I really am a 60 year old man on the inside)

The Panama Adventure – Kris retired to David, Panama with her husband Joel. Her blog is a good source for information on life as a retiree and living in the countryside of Panama.