10 Places in Panama You May Need to Use Cash

In much of the world, using cash is quickly becoming obsolete, as not only credit cards, but Paypal, Apple Pay, Bit Coin, and many other forms of payment are being accepted for more and more things. When I lived in the US, I rarely carried much cash with me, as I almost never had the […]


How Mail Works in Panama

How to receive mail in Panama is one of the most frequent questions I see asked on expat forums, and one of the hardest concepts for many US expats (and our stateside relatives) to grasp. Panama does not have traditional street addresses (very few places have a street number, and there are no postal codes), […]


10 Tips for Being a Better Gringo

Foreigners living in Panama right now are living here at a sensitive time in Panama’s history. While Panama has for many years been known as a melting pot that is very open to foreigners, there is a growing anti-foreign backlash that is starting to take hold in certain segments of the population.¬†For better or worse, […]


Looking Back at My First Year in Panama

Today, February 27th, marks the one year anniversary of when my wife and I packed up our lives in Tampa, Florida, where I had lived for the last 7 years, and she had lived for the last 3, and moved to Panama. It was a huge life change, but each day I grow more and […]


7 Ways to Meet Other Expats in Panama

One of the biggest challenges many expats face when moving overseas is loneliness. Uprooting from all of your friends and family is tough, and it can be hard to know where to begin to look for new friends, especially if you do not speak the local language. Luckily, if you are feeling this, you are […]


125 Spanish Words That Every Expat Should Know

Authors note: There are two other resources we have to assist you with learning Spanish. The first is our article 6 Ways to Learn Spanish for Free. The second is a Facebook group we have set up for those looking to learn Spanish (or native speakers willing to help us out with questions), which you […]


Yes, It is Cheaper to Live in Panama than the US

You will hear two very different things, depending on who you talk to, about the cost of living in Panama. Some people will tell you it’s the cheapest place on earth, while others will insist it’s crazy expensive. Neither of those people will be entirely right, but a new study released by Movehub, backs up […]


Announcing Our First Expats Give Back Fundraiser

Several months ago, I announced an initiative on this site called Expats Give Back, which aims to get expats in Panama more involved in helping the local community. My plan all along was to host periodic small dollar fundraisers (approximately once a quarter), where we could come together and raise money for local charities that […]


10 Things I Miss About the US While in Panama

Last month I visited to US for the Thanksgiving Holidays, and realized that while I love Panama, there are plenty of little things I miss about life in the US. It inspired me to have some fun and make this like of 10 things I’ve missed about the US while living in Panama. 1. Amazon.com […]