Panama for Beginners is a one-stop guide for information relevant to ExPats in Panama. Whether you are considering a move to Panama, currently live here, or are just looking to vacation, Panama for Beginners is your go to place for the things you need to know about Panama. The blog is broken up into three main sections: Before You Move, While You're Here, and When You Vacation. The blog is updated with new posts several times a week, so check back often to get the latest need to know information for ExPats in Panama.

Before You Move

All of the information you need to know before you move to Panama.

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While You’re Here

Articles to help you navigate Panama once you've moved here.

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When You Vacation

Vacation Guides on the best places for tourists to see when visiting Panama.

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Recent Blog Posts


Looking Back at My First Year in Panama

Today, February 27th, marks the one year anniversary of when my wife and I packed up our lives in Tampa, Florida, where I had lived for the last 7 years, and she had lived for the last 3, and moved to Panama. It was a huge life change, but each day I grow more and […]

Uber in Panama: My Honest Review

  UPDATE: Uber has launched UberX in Panama. You can find my review here. UPDATE 2 1/20/16:  Recently, Uber has both lowered the price of UberX, and raised the price of UberBlack (which is the service reviewed in this article.) UberX is now more than 50% cheaper than UberX. If you are interested in Uber, […]


7 Ways to Meet Other Expats in Panama

One of the biggest challenges many expats face when moving overseas is loneliness. Uprooting from all of your friends and family is tough, and it can be hard to know where to begin to look for new friends, especially if you do not speak the local language. Luckily, if you are feeling this, you are […]