Photo Blog: The Panama Canal at Night

Since the closing of the restaurant at the Miraflores Visitors’ Center a couple of years ago for renovations, viewing the ships pass through the Panama Canal at night was something that could only be done during special events, as the visitors center closes daily at 5pm. However, now with the renovation of a sit down restaurant finally complete, visitors to the canal can enjoy the unique experience of watching the ships at night by making a reservation at the Atlantic & Pacific Co. restaurant. The restaurant is open 7 days a week for lunch, and Tuesday through Saturday from 5pm to 10pm for dinner.

We went this Saturday, and the restaurant was not very crowded, especially for a Saturday night. We got a table right out on the patio where we could eat and overlook the locks. There is inside dining as well, which most people seemed to choose over an outside table. Inside diners can always go outside on the deck to check out the boats whenever they want, as many did.

As far as the restaurant itself, as one would expect, the food was expensive. The menu ranged from a $16 cheeseburger to other entrees that were in the high 20’s/low 30’s. While the food won’t blow you away, it was still pretty good, and the burger was better than you’ll find in most restaurants in Panama. However the restaurant ends up being a pretty good deal for non-resident expats, since you don’t need to pay the entry fee to visitors center when you are eating at the restaurant (I can only vouch for this during the night. I don’t know if you they would still charge you if you went during the day). Since the admission fee for non-residents is $15, all of a sudden my $16 hamburger is really only a dollar. The rest of the visitors center is closed at night, so you won’t get to visit the museum or see the movie, but the view from the restaurant more than makes up for it.

As I hinted at in the title, this blog is going to be short on words and heavy on pictures from our visit. I hope you enjoy, and seriously consider checking out the experience for yourselves.

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