US Embassy to Host 2nd Annual American Fair on January 31st


The US Embassy will host its second annual American Fair on the Embassy grounds in Clayton, from 8am-12pm on Saturday, January 31st. The fair will host civic organizations, NGOs, volunteer organizations, religious organizations, and other English speaking organizations that serve the expat community. You do not need to be an American Citizen to attend the event, but you do need to bring ID, so make sure to bring your passport or Cedula with you. The event is free to attend.


If this years event is anything like last years event, it will be great for expats who are looking to get more involved to attend. I was lucky that last year, the fair took place within a couple weeks of my wife and I moving here. Besides her family and a couple of friends we had in Panama from prior to our move, we didn’t know anyone and weren’t involved with any organizations. At the American Fair, there were a couple of dozen organizations that had booths where I could talk to their members/organizers about their organization as well as get informational handouts. I came home from the event with a few stacks of information and ended up becoming a part of the Panama Canal Kiwanis Club, the Democrats Abroad, and joining Crossroads Bible Church based off of the people I met and the information I got during the fair. So I definitely found it very useful to me.

I will be at the fair again this year, spending most of my time assisting at the booths of Club Kiwanis and Democrats Abroad. Feel free to stop by and say hi. I’d recommend this even to all English speaking expats, not just American. Outside of a couple of political organizations there, all of them serve the entire community, not just Americans. In terms of finding organizations to get involved with, this is probably the best opportunity to do so all year.

Here is a Google Map of the location of the US Embassy in Clayton. 

Also, if you are looking to get involved in other opportunities to help the community (or to share those that you are already involved in), you can join us at Expats Give Back – Panama.

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