When You Vacation

From the towering skyscrapers of Panama City, to the beaches, mountains, rainforest, and natural beauty of the interior, Panama offers a wealth of great places for vacationers to visit. When my wife and I moved to Panama, we made it one of our goals to see as much of the country as our means and time allows us to. Every time we visit a new destination, we’ll write a vacation guide about our experiences, which will include many of my wife’s amazing pictures. 

1. Vacation Guide: Things to Do in Panama City – Panama City offers a wealth of fun and interesting things for tourists to do when visiting the city. Whether you are coming from another country, or live in the city and are looking for something to do for the day, this guide highlights some of Panama City’s most well known tourist attractions, as well as a couple that you won’t hear about in most travel guides. 

2. Vacation Guide: Soberania National Park – Located only 20 minutes away from the skyscrapers of Panama City is Soberania National Park, a massive nature preserve that includes the Summit Botanical Gardens and Zoo. My wife and I took a day trip to visit the park, and we’re blown away. In this article I discuss our trip, and include plenty of my wife’s pictures from that day. 

3. Vacation Guide: 24 Hours in El Valle de Antón pt. 1 – To celebrate my wife’s birthday, we spent a night in El Valle de Antón. Despite being there for only a short amount of time, we saw so much and took so many pictures that it was too much for one blog. Here is the first part of our two part series about our trip.

4. Vacation Guide: 24 Hours in El Valle de Antón pt. 2 – This is the second part of the two part series of my wife and I’s trip to El Valle de Antón. In this section, we cover the time spent outside the resort, when we visited the Butterfly Haven, the El Chorro Macho Waterfall, and other sites around the town. 

5. 23 Facts to Know about the Panama Canal – Whether you’re planning a visit or just want to admire from afar, here are 23 facts you should know about the Panama Canal (along with plenty of pictures).

6. When Traveling to Panama, DON’T Make the Same Mistake My Mother Did – This may seem like common sense, but make sure to check the passport expiration date for the country you are traveling to before your trip. Otherwise, you could be like my mother, and scramble to get an expensive emergency passport renewal 48 hours before her trip, or worse, denied entry.