While You’re Here


The While You’re Here section is for articles on the blog that are primarily targeted to those currently living in Panama. While this section will be useful for people who are planning a move to Panama, the articles will have the most relevance for those currently living in and try to navigate their way around Panama. Current articles include information about dealing with cabs in Panama City, restaurant guides, and ways to learn Spanish. In the future, articles will include supermarket price comparisons and other information.

1. 7 Ways to Meet Other Expats in Panama – Panama has a strong and vibrant expat community, and there are many organizations and strategies that make it easy to meet up with other expats.

2. Getting Around in Panama City – Panama City offers a lot of affordable transportation options for ExPats who live without a car, like my wife and I choose to do. However mastering how to get around, particularly dealing with the city’s taxis, can take work. This article provides information on how to successfully get around Panama City using taxis, Uber, buses, and the metro.

3. Uber in Panama: My Honest Review – My wife and I have used Uber fairly extensively since it started service in Panama, and have noticed both pros and cons with the service. Here is my detailed review. 

4. Enjoying the Movies in Panama City – Going to the movies in Panama is a fun family activity. The movie theaters are good quality, play American movies, and are significantly cheaper than going to the movies in the US. Here are some details about how they work here.  

5. Looking Back at My First Year in Panama – I’ve officially hit the 1 year mark of living in Panama. Here are some of my thoughts about the country, its people, and the changes I’ve seen over the year. 

6. 10 Tips for Being a Better Gringo – As foreigners in Panama, for better or worse, our actions represent our entire home country. Help be a good representative for your country and foster positive relations between Panamanians and expats by following these 10 simple rules. 

7. Dining Out on a Budget – Many ExPats can get themselves into trouble financially by a heavy reliance on eating out at fine dining restaurants or trendy ExPat establishments. But there’s no reason why dining out in Panama needs to break the bank, as there are many ways to enjoy a good meal for cheap.

8. 10 Great Restaurants in Panama City – While there are many restaurants in Panama where you can eat for only a couple of dollars, even the budget minded of us enjoy a nice meal every once and a while. Here are 10 restaurants I recommend that you try in Panama City at least once. 

9. Donde José: Panama’s Most Unique Culinary Experience – Donde José, located on the edge of Casco Viejo, has a unique mission: to tell the story of Panama through its food. My wife and I had the privilege of experiencing a meal there. Here is a write up of our experience. 

10. My First Time Driving in Panama – I spent the first 7 months of my time in Panama sucessfully avoiding having to drive a car. This was very intentional on my part, not wanting to participate in the madness than can be driving in Panama, However, when my wife and I visited El Valle de Anton for her birthday, I rented a car for the weekend. Here are my experiences. 

11. Voting from Abroad as an American – American citizens retain the right to vote in elections, even if they are living overseas. Follow this guide for easy to follow information on how to register to make your voice heard in this upcoming election.